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The studio is at the 2nd floor of Country Space I, 133 HV Dela Costa, Salcedo Village, Makati City. The landmarks nearby are the Saudi Embassy and Somerset Central Salcedo.

There are 3 parking lots around the building that are open from 6AM to 6:30PM. Street parking in front of the building is also available. If you intend to attend the night classes, we suggest opting for street parking as it is free from 5PM onwards.


Come as you are! You will find that through practicing yoga, you will become more fit and flexible. This new found strength will be balanced by agility, coordination as well as a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

We have Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Fundamentals, Power, Restorative with Sound Bath, Fitness Flow, and Yogilates classes. All open the various levels.

Unlike stretching, yoga connect the movement of the body to the rhythm of our breath. The helps to focus and relax the mind by directing our attention inward.

We have mats and towels available for rent at the studio. However, if you prefer to bring your own yoga mat and towel, that’s okay too.

Some people like to wear loose fitting clothing and others opt for tight stretchy legging and tops. The only thing that matter is that you wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.

  • Class Pack (750 Php)
  • 10 Day Pack (6,000 Php)
  • Monthly Unlimited (6,500 Php)

Jiu Jitsu

We all have to start somewhere! Our instructors are trained to cater to all types of students. The classes are also structured so that it is inclusive to all levels.

If a Gi is available to you, yes. Otherwise, a comfortable t-shirt or rash guard and jogging pants is okay.

BJJ is truly a martial art for everyone and there is a thriving community of practitioners in their 40s, 50s, up to their 70s! We tailor our teaching to the individual so you can take the classes at your own pace. Just make sure that you have your doctor’s clearance if you have any existing medical conditions.

Your child’s safety is top priority in our kids classes. Our kids program focuses on the core values of sportsmanship, accountability for one another, and hard work. These help them become good training partners to their new friends.

Absolutely! One of the pillars of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the use of technique and leverage to control, protect against and even submit a much larger opponent. Therefore it is perfectly suited for females to use for self defense.

  • Single Class Rate (500 Php)
  • 10 Day Pack (3,800 Php)
  • Monthly Unlimited (4,000 Php)

About the studio

There are a few options for payment: Cash, Credit Card through a payment link, GCash, Maya, and Direct Bank Transfer via UnionBank.

If there is space in a class, then you may be able to drop in. However, we highly recommend booking ahead of time to ensure your slot.

Ideally, please arrive a few minutes before class starts. But we understand that things happen, and sometimes, people are late. All we ask is that you quietly enter the class so as to not to disturb other students.