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Yoga Classes

Open Mat yoga classes suit all levels, experience and abilities.
Open Mat yoga is a modern-day physical and philosophical practice that focuses on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing as much as their physical and mental health. It embraces all traditions and teachings with respect. There’s nothing mystical, unattainable or complex. Its aim is to provide a simple yet holistic practice that creates a greater connection to everyday life.
As practitioners, we focus on evolving our bodies and minds as well as a deeper connection to our spiritual sides. We also develop a personal philosophy that helps us deal with the ups and downs of life.

Class Schedule


Quino Reyes

Power Yoga

Trina Sotto

Vinyasa Yoga

Ram Sayas

Vinyasa Yoga

Joed See

Fitness Flow, Vinyasa Yoga

Ina Fernandez


Ia Hernandez

Yoga Fundamentals

Val delos Santos

Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Vinyasa

Jashon Fabia

Reiki & Sound Baths / Restorative Yoga